• Insomnia3:37
  • Forgotten5:14
  • Right or Wrong3:27
  • Chains4:51
  • Plutomania4:43
  • Ten Year Funk3:49
  • Right or Wrong
  • Chains
  • Plutomania
  • Forgotten
  • Ten Year Funk

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Andrea Love - Banana 101.5 FM - Most noticeably, their sound is huge. Like, I understand there are amplifiers and speakers and such, but when I say huge I guess I really mean full and smooth, effortless and evenly distributed!

According to the bands ReverbNation page, “Tripp ‘N Dixie is an American rock band originating from the heart of Pontiac Michigan. Showcasing soulful vocals, fierce dueling guitars alongside eclectic keyboards and backed up by a thunderous drums and bass section, creates a massive sonic “wall” of sound that is unlike anything else. A truly distinctive tone and boastful versatility of style makes Tripp ‘N Dixie a quintessential band of modern rock.” 

I would agree 100 percent with that description. One night I went to a show on my night off, sat at a table in the middle of the room by myself and told everyone I know to leave me the hell alone for a few minutes so I can just sit and enjoy!  I fully believe they belong in a stadium somewhere.

Their music reminds me of a musical cupcake flavored with Bad Company, Chris Cornell, Led Zeppelin, Taddy Porter, The Allman Brothers Band & Buckcherry…frosted with The Black Crowes flavored icing and James Brown “soul sprinkles” on top!  Even the first graders in Istanbul, Turkey are smart enough to know that Tripp ‘N’ Dixie makes stellar dance music!

Tripp 'n' Dixie


"Serrick Jive" is available on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and more.



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